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Make Your Own Magic

"Making your own magic" is a concept that I’ve contemplated for quite some time. I use it when writing about my jewelry in terms of the talismanic energy I put into my creations. You see, I believe that each of us can make magic happen when we listen to our inner voice and trust in our own power. I don’t mean magic as in card tricks or slight of hand; I mean magic like manifesting dreams, creating beauty in the midst of chaos, and self-actualization.

Making jewelry is one of the ways that makes me feel connected to my magic. When I'm in a groove in the studio I feel powerful, I feel skilled, and I feel creatively fulfilled. This is where I feel most at home in myself - balanced and harmonious. Being able to align every detail necessary to feel this way isn't easy, and it doesn't happen all the time, which is why it's so special and magical when it all comes together.

Magic can give the impression of ease, but when I think of making your own magic happen, it's the result of working hard, struggling, pushing, and stretching ourselves. It can feel like banging your head against the wall some days, and then suddenly something gives way and things just flow. You finally land that dream job, or inspiration finally hits, or maybe you finally start feeling the benefits of those boundaries you worked hard to put into place.

I make jewelry to serve as a talisman for the wearer - jewelry that embodies power and intention- a tangible reminder to help you summon your own fierce spirit from within. A reminder to forge your own path and make your own magic.


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