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Emily Percival is a rebel. As a 15 year old punk rocker, Emily snuck into an adult education course for metal smithing. From the first time she sparked up a torch and forged metal with hammer, she knew she had found her artistic calling and rebellious outlet. Emily was born and raised in Portland, Maine, where she studded her winter coat, cranked riot grrrl tunes, and dyed her hair every neon color. Through high school she experimented with jewelry and metal art, then received her BFA at Maine College of Art in 2006. After college Emily spent several years on the west coast, sneaking her tools and torch into various apartments, and connecting with other rebellious babes. Now as an adult, she employs her rebellious spirit in her metalsmithing practice, creating jewelry that serves as a reminder to always walk your own path and make your own magic.

"I craft jewelry that pairs perfectly with your rebellious spirit. Each of us can make magic happen when we listen to our inner voice and trust in our own power. In a world that tries to force you into a box, you forge your own path. I create modern talismanic jewelry that is part armor and part heirloom, perfect to accompany you anywhere you go, for many years to come."

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Emily is a proud member of 

 Maine Crafts Association

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