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Imagery Inspiration : Snakes

There is something about snakes that I have always found elegant and beautiful. They are so perfectly designed and so different from our own human form, making them mysterious, scary, beautiful, and even dangerous. And though I might not want to encounter one unexpectedly, I have a true fascination with these scaley creatures.

One of the reasons I love snake and serpent imagery so much is because they represent powerful ideas. The shedding of their skin makes them a perfect symbol for rebirth and the idea of always becoming. I love creating talisman jewelry for transformation, and snakes are perfect for this kind of jewelry. Transformational periods can be scary but can also be a time of feeling connected to our inner power and strength. For me, having a tangible reminder of my ability to evolve and persevere is critical during periods of change.

Are you a fan of snake imagery? If you're looking for a talisman to help you through a transition but aren't feeling this vibe, labradorite makes a great alternative choice.

image features snake talismans from the February 2022 snake collection.


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