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Jewelry Inspired by Cabinets of Curiosity

The term "cabinet of curiosities" describes a collection of items, usually natural history-type objects (anything from biology, geology, ethnography, archaeology, religious or historical relics, works of art, etc). This concept emerged in the 16th century and is what many consider to be the precursor to museums. Collections may be housed in furniture, or occupy entire rooms, and would be filled with items and objects that were uncommon to most people (hence, a curiosity). The Metals Collective presents "Cabinet of Curiosities," on view now through August 31st at the Jewel Box, 644 Congress Street, Portland, Maine.

From the time I was just a child, I have spent countless hours pondering the many tiny and curious creatures all around me. Crouching over beach stones and clusters of barnacles, investigating patches of lichen and moss sprouting from tree stumps, or discovering a precious gem in a pan of dirt -- I am always looking for the small structures of life that support our world. Ammonites were marine creatures that went extinct millions of years ago. After a magnitude of pressure mingles with minerals and layers of earth shift, secrets come to the surface. These are the treasures that fascinate me. From seedpods collected at a bogs edge, to vertebrae and glass eyes from a dusty shop, I hope to inspire you to feel a little more curious.

Emily Percival jewelry cabinet of curiosities

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