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Jewelry Inspired by Lichen and Moss

In the spirit of the autumn (and also that hashtag-happy Throw Back Thursday), I thought I'd share some jewelry that I don't make too often these days. Several years ago I was deeply invested in investigations of moss and lichen. I had a sharp eye for spying it while I moved about the world and have notebooks filled with research and sketches. While I don't make these pieces very much any more, the process of investigation and the process of creating this work is something I love very dearly, and don't want to forget. Here are few pieces from the collection. My artist statement follows below:

This collection is inspired by the rocky coasts and lush forests of New England that I’ve wandered through since childhood. I have long been enchanted by scenes of mushrooms climbing trees or lichen colonies sprawling over stone. With a focus on texture and patterns of growth, I work to translate these organic forms onto the body. In this way, the body becomes a landscape where my work can truly come alive.

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