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How to use Crystals in your Daily Life

how to use crystals in your daily life Emily Percival talisman jewelry

As a jeweler, I love gemstones and crystals, but my love for them extends beyond their use in jewelry. I also use crystals in my daily life as a way to bring focus or intention to something important. A recent example was earlier this summer when I was preparing for some events. As excited as I was to participate in several new opportunities and get my jewelry out there, I was also being very critical of myself and my work. When I caught myself in a negative spiral, I turned to my rose quartz, a stone of unconditional love. On one particular evening, I ran a bath, lit a candle, and simply held the stone while mediating. I also carried it in my pocket for a few days. Having the stone with me gave me opportunities throughout the day to bring some focus to being kind and loving to myself.

Some other crystals I often reach for are:

  • Tourmalated Quartz: protection from negativity

  • Labradorite: a stone of transformation, helpful during transitions by imparting strength and perseverance

  • Garnet: helps manifest dreams and desires into reality, and was a traditional gift given to a loved one embarking on a journey to ensure a safe return. I usually wear or carry garnet when I'm traveling.

  • Fluorite: absorbs and neutralizes stress and negativity, increases self-confidence, concentration, and positivity.

I believe that even if you don't think crystals or gems have any intrinsic powers, that they can still serve as powerful talismans by helping you bring awareness and focus to a specific property. Our minds are powerful, and I think that thoughts become our reality. Do you ever carry a crystal with you? I'd love to know what kind of crystals you connect with.

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