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Refraction with the Metals Collective

This summer marks the Metals Collective's fourth annual show at the Bearded Lady's Jewel Box in Portland, ME. We did things a little differently than usual when it came time to choose a theme for this show. Typically we choose a historical object to reinterpret. But this time, we went for a concept. This is definitely more along of the lines of a project one might get in art school. The collective settled on the theme of Refraction.

Working with such an abstract concept was an entirely different kind of challenge. The wheels in my head were spinning endlessly with ideas about crystals, lenses, and even water. Fortunately, inspiration struck when I came upon a piece of textured plastic, used as a ceiling panel for the lights in the drop ceiling at work. It beautifully distorted (or more technically, refracted) whatever I held it up to.

I decided to take a playful approach and make a monocle that would be worn as a necklace. This dramatic piece can be used to distort images into exciting new patterns and give the wearer a new perspective on their everyday surroundings.

Refraction is on view at the Bearded Lady's Jewel Box from June 1st through July 29th.

moonstone jewelry monocle by Emily Percival

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