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Charmed by Garnet

I'm excited to reveal the Valentine's Day collection of "charms" that I've created for the Metals Collective show, "Charmed" for this February. This romantic show features 10 artists and our interpretations of the classic charm. We'll be exhibiting small collections as well as having a trunk show on opening night, February 14th.

For my inspiration, I looked to one of my favorite stones: garnet. Since the Middle Ages, garnets have been believed to bestow healing and protective powers for the beholder. Garnets were frequently gifted to a lover before traveling to ensure a safe return home. To carry on this meaningful tradition, I created a collection of charms to serve as a modern token of love to be given to a partner. But it’s not just the act of gifting or receiving that imbues them with power. Like any talisman, these can be just as powerful when given to oneself, a reminder to love and honor yourself, to protect your own heart.

If one of these pieces speaks to you, contact me to check availability. You can see more here.

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