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Lunar Magic in the New Year

As a jewelry artist, the start of a new year always seems to come so quickly after the chaotic holiday season. I was so excited to learn that 2018 is off to such a special start with a blue moon, a super moon, and a lunar eclipse all in the first month. Part of what feels meaningful in all this lunar activity is the feminine power that the moon holds. I see the moon as a powerful symbol of`female vitality and strength. For me, it is also a source of spiritual guidance and serves as a reminder to honor my intuition and voice.

These elements are one reason I use lunar imagery in some of my jewelry. I love making jewels that hold symbolism and power for the wearer. My aim is to create talismans that you can wear when you need to call in a little assistance in feeling your inner strength and magic, or for when you're really tapped in to that goddess kind of feeling.

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