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Powerful Gemstone Jewelry: Tourmalated Quartz

Tourmalated Quartz is a great stone to create powerful talismanic jewelry, as it combines the elements of black tourmaline and quartz into one stunning combination that is powerful visually and metaphysically. This is a spiritually grounding combination that deflects negative energies, and is often used as a good luck talisman.

Few gemstones are as fantastic to imagine as Tourmalated Quartz (very similar, though different from rutilated quartz). Threads of tourmaline actually grow inside sections of quartz crystal, looking like bits of fiber or needles suspended in the quartz. It's easy to get lost while peering into a tourmalated quartz, imagining an entire little world growing inside the crystal, deep within the earth.

Emily Percival Jewelry Rutilated Quartz Point

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